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Sway Bars

The Sway Bars on the Esprit not only reduces roll, but define the caster of the front wheels.

Sway Bar Bushings

A visual inspection with the front wheels removed should be done to check the status of the bushings on the sway bar.

On the pre '85 suspension there are two bushings on each end of the sway bar (one on each side of where the sway bar bolts to the lower arm,) and two bushings that the sway bar rides in.

You should not replace the end bushings with polyurethane (they need some flex.) These bushings are part number A075X0144F? and available for about $14 each (so that's $56 for all four.) The mounting bushings can be replaced with polyurethane (suggested replacements to come.)

Sway bar upgrades

If you have issues with your steering wheel being cocked to one side after hard cornering it means that your sway bar is slipping left and right. You can try replacing the mounting bushings, or an advanced fix is to find a set pillow block bearings of the proper diameter and mount the sway bar inside of this (which will allow the sway bar to continue to rotate, but prevent lateral movement.)

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