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Fitting rotors on the Esprit tends to be quite a chore. On most cars equipped with disc brakes the brake rotor sits between the wheel and the hub. Removing the rotor is usually very simple (and in the extreme case may need a couple taps with a BFH.)

Front Brakes

The Esprit's front brakes (for the 3rd gen) are behind the hub, so replacing them means removing the hub. This certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist, but it does mean you must remove dust covers, cotter pins and loosening bolts (as well as re-greasing bearings and putting everything back together.) In all, replacing front brake rotors on an Esprit takes a couple hours (where it is an hour task on most cars.) Front brakes on the 81-84 Esprit were a solid 10.4 in. rotor. Front brakes on the 85-87 Esprit were a vented 10.2 in. rotor. Although the caliper/rotor was changed in 85, the rotor still sits behind the hub, and the procedure is the same.

Rebuilding Brakes.

Rear Brakes

The rear brakes on the Esprit are even more unique. The rear brakes are are called “inboard” because the braking mechanism is on the inside of the drive shaft (near the transmission instead of near the wheel.) This too means replacing the rotor takes a little more work than it would on your daily driver. Rear brakes on 81-87 Esprits were a solid 10.8 in. rotor.


The front brake 258mm rotors/calipers for the 85+ cars are of the 82-85 Toyota Celica. Front brake rotors for the earlier cars need to be ordered as OEM parts from a local shop (SJ Sportscars, Dave Bean Engineering, and JAE all have them.)


Both SJ Sportscars and PNM Engineering have front brake kits for all Esprits. Both kits are based on Willwood 4-pot caliper. Be sure and check with them that the new rotors will have clearance for the steering rod end and dust boot.

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