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The headlights on the Esprit are 5 3/4“ round sealed lights (stock). A recommended replacement is the Hella e-Code lights. This isn't a simple “drop-in” procedure though.

One user notes: Just upgraded my Headlamps on a 87 HCI

  • Hella71456 - Outside low / high beam - H-4 bulb – drops in conversion, no modifications
  • Hella 71156 - Inside high beam H-1 bulb… I had to cut off a male spade connector from the Esprits wiring and replace with a female. (one of the connectors was already female)


The front lenses are the same for the Esprits from 1978-1994 (so any lenses you see for an S2, S3 or SE will fit the lenses in the front bumper).

You can find clear lenses at Marcus' P.U.K.. They will run close to $200 for a set.

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