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On US models, you should swap the stock 107 intake cam with the higher lift 104 cam. This does sacrifice a little power at the low end (below 3k RPM) for top end performance.

Cam Gears

Cam Follower Shims

It is very possible, after an engine rebuild, that your valve clearances will be off (the distance between the cam and the follower). They should be 0.005 - 0.007“ for the intake and 0.010 - 0.012” for the exhaust. The shims can be purchased from a Lotus parts dealer, but the same shims are used in other engines. The shim diameter should be between 0.61“ - 0.63”.

  • Saab 99
  • Triumph Dolly 1850
  • Triumph Dolomite sprint 2000
  • Triumph TR7?
  • Austin Maestro 1600
  • Jaguar 6 cyl (Mk II; XJS; …) (diameter the same?)
  • Lotus Elite (also a FeatherWeight?)
  • Lotus 900 series
  • Rover 2000, SDI
  • Audi 5 cylinder.
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