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Front Suspension

Lotus changed the suspension & brake design for the front of the Esprit for 1985. This means that spring/shock/brake solutions for the 1985 Esprit will not work for the 1984 Esprit, and vice versa.

1980-84 Esprits

The early Turbo Esprits have the lower spring perch integrated with the lower arm. Based on research from users there is no aftermarket height adjustable suspension for the early Esprits.

The Red/Red springs

It appears that Lotus installed a taller spring on North American Esprits to comply with bumper hight laws in the US. This taller spring is referred to as the Blue/White spring (part A082C4057F?). In the US parts list there is also a Red/Red spring (part B082C4057F?,) which is noted as: Shorter than 'A'.

The Red/Red springs were originally thought to no longer exist, but they can be found (most likely in the UK.)

Other options

The lower arm is not a complex part. A few members are considering paying for the design of a new lower arm and upper frame adapter so that we can mount an adjustable coil-over suspension to the front of the early Esprits.

1985-87 Esprits

The later Turbo Esprits have the lower spring perch integrated with the shock instead of the lower arm. GAZ makes a hight adjustable system (not listed in their catalog,) for the later Esprits. Lotus springs

Lotus installed three different springs on the 85+ cars. Most cars probably came with the Yellow/Yellow parallel spring. Also available is a Yellow/White conical spring and a longer Yellow/Purple conical spring.

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