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Disassembling the Surround

Removing the surround is actually a fairly easy processes. There is a single 10mm bolt under the center tunnel cover. You must also remove the four knobs for the HVAC controls, then remove the two screws holding the HVAC display panel down. From there the whole section can be removed fairly easily.

Removing the knobs from the HVAC

This is the part of the process that is difficult, especially if your Esprit is in the shape that mine was/is in. As I've worked on my car I've realized that at some point in the past, various parts of the car have been glued back together (or parts glued to other parts.) My vent select knob had been glued to the shaft. If everything is in working order then removing the knobs should be easy:

Removing the small knobs

The small knobs use a small allen (female hex) bolt that keeps the knob on the shaft. Loosening this bolt will release the knob from the shaft.

Removing the large knobs

The large knobs have a spring loaded button in the shaft that holds the knob in place. You can press this button down with a smallish screw driver (you should see the button on one side of the center of the knob.) Press in on the button and pull the knob off at the same time.

Stuck & broken knobs

Although failing the “simple” way of removing the knobs may resort to prying or worse, a word of caution. The HVAC display is a thin piece of plastic with very little solid metal behind it. It is very easy to crack this plastic. Continued force can actually destroy the knob mechanism (I destroyed the A/C knob because it was stuck.) If you are having great difficulty with the knob I would recommend cutting the plastic of the knob instead of pulling or wedging the knobs off.

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