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Parts Interchange

Studs and bolts

Exhaust studs are the same as the exhaust studs for the 1990-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eagle Talon. If you want OEM style studs you can get a stainless stud kit with 9 studs for about $110 (the Lotus engine requires 12 studs though.) OEM mitsubishi studs cost around $1 each (and add in the cost of the crush nut for $0.50 for a total of $18 for the whole thing.)

Fuel By-Pass Valve (Bosch K-Jetronic)

This part (Lotus# A910E6757F / Bosch# 0 280 142 020) was used on the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injected cars (1986-1988) and is now hard to find (Lotus UK still has 34 in stock if you are willing to pay $130 + shipping & handling). However, according to Dave Massey (Senior Technical Author) at Lotus, Bosch part 0 280 142 001 (Saab# 93 46 206) is a suitable substitute.

Cam follower shims

The cam follower shims are the same size (15.5mm - 15.75mm diameter) as found on other engines. Including the Saab 99 and the Triumph TR7.

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