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Esprit: CustomParts

There are a number of Turbo Esprit owners that are interested in crafting custom parts for our Esprits.

If you would like to be contacted for any of these projects, email the "owner" of the project, and add your name to the list.

CNC Milled Aluminum Interior***

July-2005 UPDATE: Aluminum shift knob is on hold for now. The alloy shift boot surround will be made as a one-off project. The front speaker adapter rings will also be a one-off project. They will be designed to be able to install decent 4" speakers into the original speaker grills. Mounting is faciltiated by having the rings threaded like the original outer lock rings (ACME). Larger, upgraded speakers are mounted to the adapter ring. We can arrange to have copies made for those interested.

Parts List & User Interest List


Redesigned Front and Rear Suspension***


We have a new upper and lower control arm assemblies, upper frame adapter and fully adjustable coilover springs that will allow the front of the pre-85 Esprits to gain an adjustable height.

Control Arm Design elements include:

If you are interested, contact me directly.

Coil-over shock features:

The shocks, top mounts and matching spring sets for front and rear could be made available for those interested.

Front Suspension Kit


We have new upper and lower rear links that will allow full adjustment of the rear of the pre-87 Esprits. Longer links would be available for the newer cars.

Rear Link Design features include:

Each link is complete with rod ends and adapters.

Rear Suspension Kit (pix soon)

Parts List & User Interest List


Front Brake Upgrade Kit***

We have developed a front brake upgrade kit. Features include:

August 2005 UPDATE: Final assembly complete; alloy parts ready to go out for anodizing.

Front Brake Upgrade Kit

User Interest List


Gauge Binnacle

Probably not a kit, put potentially detailed instructions. If there is enough interest I might make a kit. I am going to experiment with updating the binnacle with something looking more like the V8 gauge cluster utilizing the stock gauges. This would probably be a brushed aluminum gauge plate and a fiberglass binnacle that would need to be appointed in leather matching your interior. This is a longer term project that I probably won't even work on until the Winter '04/'05.


Composite Body Panels and Trim***

There is the potential for getting molds made of body pieces such as the rear louvers and lower valance. Additionally if there is enough interest we may be interested in producing modified body pieces such as the rear hatch with and without louvers and a lower valance with cutouts for dual exhaust exits. These body pieces may be made of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass or a combination thereof, depending on interest.

May-2005 UPDATE: Current project progress:

Projects slated are:

First Prototype B-Pillar Trim

Parts List & User Interest List


Short Throw Shifter Conversion***

We will be designing a "set" of pieces to replace the OEM linkage assembly to shorten and tighten up the shift linkage on the S3 Esprit. It will likely involve slightly modified bellcranks, sealed bearings and spherical ball-joint links.

User Interest List


Adjustable rear upper links

I have been making adjustable length upper rear links for both the inboard brake and outboard brake rear Esprit suspension. This allows full camber adjustment for the rear wheels. They use the factory rubber bushings and can be ordered with the bushings pre-installed or you can supply your own. I have sold some direct but they can be ordered through (


NOTE*** The custom parts listed that are being produced by, are being produced primarily for the owners' S3 project car and not as a commercial enterprise. They are being made available as a consideration to other S3 owners. If you are interested, please contact me directly. Jan.

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