Lotus Turbo Esprit Fact Respository for the 1981-1987 Lotus Turbo Esprit (the Giugiaro cars.)

Custom Lotus parts, guides and facts for the Lotus Turbo Esprit. 2.2 Liter Lotus engine with turbo. Guides for tires, wheels, engine, transmission as well as custom carbon fiber, aluminum and fiberglass parts for the Lotus Turbo Esprit. As well as an adjustable suspension for the front of the car.

Facts for both the US and UK Lotus Turbo Esprit, including spring rates, engine info, parts, modifications, specifications (specs), pictures, users, owners and vital information for the Lotus.

Some information might be valid for non turbo cars and other Esprits as well, some custom parts may be usable on non turbo version of the car and other parts may work on the later Esprits. And suspension adjustment and springs, coilovers coil overs and other stuff.

Turbo Esprits have the 2.2 liter lotus engine and 210 horsepower, we have custom fiberglass, aluminum and carbon fiber parts being developed along with a multitude of facts on the lotus cars.

We will have replacement OEM parts as well as custom unique parts for the esprits made from fiberglass, carbon fiber and aluminum.

We are interested in hearing from other lotus owners including S1 owners, S2 esprit owners and S3 n/a lotuses. We have a variety of owners.

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