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Welcome to the home page for the Turbo Esprit Fact Registry. Here is a repository of information useful for the 81-87 Lotus Turbo Esprits (and it's sibling the S3.)

This website is set up as a wiki to allow submission by any user. We invite you to add/change information on this site. If you are unfamiliar with wikis, feel free to browse the Tips For Editing for a brief overview of how to contribute to this site.
If you are looking to communicate with other Esprit owners/enthusiests, head over to the Lotus Esprit Forum []
If you own a third generation Esprit (1981-1987), please put your name on the Owners list.


Because this wiki has been spammed numerous times (and I haven't been checking up on things that often since my Esprit is engineless), I've added a password to edit all pages on this site. This password is "esprit" (but replace the "e" with a "3"). When you click the edit link, leave the name blank and type in the password in the password field.

New Owners

There are two books that are vital to any Esprit owner (even if you don't plan on wrenching on your own car,) these are the Lotus Service Notes and the Lotus Service Parts List. If you're patient they occasionally show up on eBay, they are also available from the various parts dealers. These are nice three ring bound manuals that show how to disassemble & reassemble the bits of your car.

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