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Esprit Engine

The Engine in the Turbo Esprit is the type 910 engine and from the factory was installed with a pair of Dellorto carburetors (either 40s or 45s depending on the country the car was being exported to.)

In 1986 a Bosch CIS K-jetronic with Lambda injection was introduced on "Federal" vehicles exported to USA. In 89MY, Bosch CIS was replaced by GM Delco EFI.

910 Specs

Max. rpm of engine 7,000
Firing order 1,3,4,2
Capacity 2174cc (132.6 cu. in.)
Stroke 76.2mm (3.00 in.)
Bore (nominal) 95.29mm (3.75 in.)
Compression Ratio 7.5 : 1
HCI8.0 : 1
Maximum Boost .55 bar (8 lbs)
HCI.65 bar (9.5 lbs)

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